The water receives us well

There are six stepping stones and we are always in the right place. I take a step towards this. It's the feeling of knowing it's always been this way beyond what you could ever have wanted. I am all you have wanted and this is bliss. The plans are in the making and I call out in the distance and the water receives me well. I am diving in and making waves. We are here together. The water surrounds us as we listen out for her. I am feeling something and we know it to be true. The distance comes upon us now like from the times in the past when we had met before. I can see her in my dreams always. I've let go and allow it all to exist. This is all there is. I am free with you and everything inbetween.

In between all that could be

You are calling my name in the language we already agreed upon. I am facing towards you now. I can feel this is all the things we always wanted and I wait. Patience has never been a strong point but feeling in to it I can see why the others do it. I choose you over and over. Every day that passes its always you. We are in between all that could be. The birds are hiding out pretending to be something they are not. Is it that we are always pretending to be in this world. Yet my world always includes you. The wind is howling and the feathers fall between our fingers. I am only small and and hidden amongst the leaves. We are settling into a new place in the forest and the river is part of our back garden and I have always wanted to be here with you and her. Our little 3 as we planned all along in lives that have gone by. I will always meet you in each one, We are here together and everything is calm that surrounds us now. 

Tomorrow is home to me

The sense that something new is emerging comes thick and fast. We are settling in, nesting and getting ready for her to arrive. She is holding my hand in my dreams and I know she is on the way. The right time is always the right time. You never know but yet you do. I can see you from a far and see beyond the words which you speak. I am dreaming often these days. Someone once took my dreams away and replaced them with empty nights filled with nothing other than the feeling of being frozen like stuck in the bottom of the river unable to speak. This is long gone now and I reach for you. My voice is heard and understood in ways beyond everything I imagine. We are holding each other enough to be free and I am always holding your heart in my hands, it's safe with me. Im safe with you. Run in the distance and call my name. I will hear you there always. Tomorrow is home to me. Tomorrow comes again and again.

The unknown

I am sitting still for a change, patiently sitting with everything we know to be true but yet find difficult. Some things are difficult. But we have each others backs. It's okay, I am feeling it all and know I am scared but yet know this is right. I’m safe with you. I feel it deep within, the things that need to emerge, the other parts of me are trying to protect all that is. There is a knowing we are made for this. The branches brush past us and we enter the unknown. We are held and they can see us clearly. They all want to come and take a closer look. We let them see, we let them all see. 

Seeing beyond it all

The fire burns away in the background and we sit and talk about everything and nothing at all. So much is going on behind the scenes. The plans are in the making and we are ready for it. We are seeing beyond it all, the everyday things. You talk and see me in a different way. We are surrounded by it all. Its good good and inspiration emerges. We take a deep breath in and relax into it all. The water reaches us in all the places it missed before. We dip our toes in and there is a knowing. This life is made for us. My fingers reach outwards and clasp yours. Lets begin again and again. I will always hold the goodness in my hearts and hands.

In another life time

You are in my dreams always, I like to visit you there, in the abyss where time stops and starts and makes all the difference. I am treasuring myself more these days in a way that I could never do before. I am wishing you back to life but that time will never come. Maybe in another life time we will come back to together. It’s a shame we never got to meet for real. I talk to you regardless and the trees also hear my secrets in a way that you used to do.

We become something else. We are free

We are here together yet separate. Together in all the things that are needed but we are free. More free than we have ever been. This is what we have both always needed. I am holding you up yet letting you be who you need to be in all the moments. These moments matter more than you realise. Like when I brush my hands slowly near your face, gently does it but necessary. I send you that knowing sign that I am falling all over again. Falling and letting go into the new things that are emerging each and every day. Times have changed and we are here. In the thick of it. The wilderness holds us. We are standing on the edge of something. We are yet to know what. But deep down we have always known. We embrace it all. Gently and softly we step forward. I am riding my bicycle in my dreams and you are there smiling away holding everything in your hands. You reach out and we become everything else. My dreams are made of everything I need. You brought sandwiches the ones I really like. You think of